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NANOTALKS | Marie Langer, CEO von EOS (englisch)

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As companies look to virtual interaction to inform their customer base and provide useful content during the pandemic, micro-additive manufacturing (AM) technology developer Nanofabrica is pleased to announce a series of “NANOTALKS” which feature conversations with key people working in the AM and micro manufacturing space. The idea behind NANOTALKS is to facilitate short meaningful conversations on issues that are relevant to industry in these unprecedented times, and each is curated by Tovit Neizer, VP Business Development and Marketing at Nanofabrica.

“We were fortunate to have Marie Langer, CEO at EOS talk with us in the first episode of NANOTALKS. Our conversation was fascinating and she delved into the psychology of the
workplace and getting the best out of teams working in this disruptive area of industry,“ Neizer explains. “Marie discusses the role of psychology when it comes to leadership and
organisational culture, and also driving change in the world. She advocates the necessity for a good work/life balance, and sees this as pivotal for company goals to be achieved

“At Nanofabrica, we are aware that there is an enormous amount of ‘virtual’ activity taking place as people that would normally be travelling to trade shows or face-to-face meetings
seek out new ways of communicating. We also realise that there is quite a lot of fatigue setting in as people become tired of back-to-back zoom calls and virtual events. It is with
this in mind that we decided to launch our NANOTALKS as an interesting snap shot as to how industry peers are working and responding to current issues as they do business,”
Neizer describes. Nanofabrica is ideally placed to produce the NANOTALKS series, working as it does at the intersection between micro manufacturing and additive manufacturing. As such the company draws on the input from these different communities, and unearths some really interesting insight from a diverse group of industry influencers. Neizer continues, “Nanofabrica has developed the first commercially viable micro AM technology, and we are especially interested in not just additive manufacturing as a prototype and batch production technology, but also its use in the manufacture of direct rapid soft tooling (DRST). In our NANOTALKS series we extend our conversations beyond just the AM community, and into the areas of micro manufacturing and micro molding. So saying, we have also just completed a discussion with Aaron Johnson, VP Marketing & Customer Strategy at micro molding specialist Accumold who gives us some really interesting insight into optimal ways of keeping visible and relevant in these unusual times. My conversation with Aaron will be released next as part of the NANOTALKS series.”

The NANOTALKS series is available on Nanofabrica’s YouTube channel, and the link to the first talk with Marie Langer is HERE .

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